Whenever a quango spokesperson or government minister expounds a battery of buzz-words, you know that the spinmeisters are at work writing their scripts. Who can blame them? After all, when they are making up their own statements politicians in particular tend to be rather clumsy with words. Declarations such as, “I am not guilty your honour”, “I have no idea who was driving” and “my expenses were perfectly legitimate”, tend all too often to end rather badly for them after all.

It was on encountering a particularly meaningless piece of pseudo-intellectual ‘newspeak’ that prompted this blog. The word bandied was ‘transformational’ and seemed to be used as a buzz phrase in everything from High Speed trains modernising our cities,  to it creating incalculable numbers of new jobs.

All these assertions are of course unprovable, unquantifiable and meaningless, based upon dubious statistics that once the dastardly deed swings into action, will be highly unlikely to ever see the light again. They will have served their purpose and whoever dreamed them up will be unaccountable for any inaccuracies.

This blog is intended to be a dig at pomposity, a spoke in the wheel of double-talk and an instrument of parody,  targeting anyone daft enough to stick their head up and speak gibberish.