Several new television series are to be aired in 2017, capitalising on the great popularity of train and property programmes that have now overtaken antique and cookery in television viewing figures.

Monday evening’s “I Used To Be a Politician Check Out These Trousers”, follows Don Miguel Portaloo as he travels throughout The USA by train, in search of a new tailor, carrying an early copy of the “Good Fashion Guide”.

Don’t miss “The Steamy Age of Locomotion”, showing seldom seen footage recording the period before privatisation, when ordinary people could afford to travel by train.

On Tuesdays “Where Do You Think You Are?” celebrities board trains from their home towns in South Eastern England and travel as far as they can on Southern & South Eastern Rail Services in one day, earning a hundred pounds a mile for the charity of their choice.

Stagnant property sales in parts of the country affected by the high speed rail project, was the inspiration behind the hilarious “Can’t Sell We’ll Take it Away”. Each week a team of specially selected property valuers compete to make the lowest valuation on a wide range of different properties and try to bamboozle owners into selling for a fraction of their value.

“Put your Money Where Your House Was” to be aired in February, is hosted by the ever popular Sir Portly Watermain. In the series, contestants will be given tins of spray paint and demolition equipment to personalise selected properties along the high speed train route and then compete with each other to see how much they can lose at auction. The winning loser will win the coveted “Hopeless” trophy.

Actual programmes shown recently on television (do you detect a theme here?):

Great British Railway Journeys, The Railway – Keeping Britain on Track,  Great Continental Railway Journeys, Full Steam Ahead, Railways – The Making of a Nation, Trainspotting Live, Timeshift – The Trains That Time Forgot, Trains with Pete Waterman, Chris Tarrant – Extreme Railways, Crossrail  – The Fifteen Billion Pound Railway.