So that’s why Kirby left was it?

At 3/4 of a million quid a year, it certainly wasn’t because he needed a pay rise to keep up with the household bills now was it?

Phase one, linking London to the West Midlands won’t be finished until December 2027, while phase two, the ‘Y’ bit from the West Midlands to Manchester and Leeds is over budget by £7billion and described as ‘volatile’, an audit by MPs has declared.

When something looks this wrong, it is because it was and is, a disaster in the making.

Consider the issues:

  • The costs were wildly optimistic and totally unachievable.
  • The most important survey work appeared to be the last thing that was instigated,
  • It doesn’t have the support of the public and what little remains is going a great deal faster than the train ever will.
  • From the outset it was unclear which problem it was actually intended to solve: Capacity? Speed? Construction slump? Jobs for Boys? (insert your own here).
  • There are too many experts, delivering too little progress.
  • Opposition is mounting and government is saying very little.

Times up!