commentsAccording to Andrew Adonis (City AM Opinion article) the debate for HS2 is over, or at least that is what the headline states.

However, he seems less sure a paragraph later when he declares that, “the high-speed line from London to the Midlands and the North, is now almost certain to happen”.

He goes on to say that “the argument over HS2 is now largely over. The challenge is to secure the greatest possible benefits”.

“Almost certain”, “largely over”, these don’t seem to echo the certainty of the headline do they?

He states that “as the originator of HS2, and now a member of the HS2 board, I obviously believe the project should proceed”. Well that was honest enough, if being a member of the HS2 board isn’t enough to ‘believe’, what exactly would it take to make someone a ‘believer’?

Could I reply? I couldn’t wait to put my fingers to the keys, especially as immediately following the article there was a persuasive “add a comment” box.

However, I was to be denied, for despite their disclaimer, the moderator clearly didn’t like my comment.

Was it the use of the word ‘wonga’? Did I lack a certain degree of respect? Ah well… I am not alone in thinking that politicians automatically deserve any of either.

Censored Again:
Buzz submitted the following reply to Adonis’s article on the City A.M. website. Unfortunately it didn’t pass the scrutiny of their ‘moderators’.

C’mon Andy, what do you take us for? You don’t want a big debate over HS2, you want to stifle dissent. Network Rail is abandoning plans for the North, quicker than Labour MP’s are disappearing from Scotland, yet you want us to agree that developing a ‘not that fast rail link to London’, is money well spent. Well it ain’t, it never was and deep down you know it too!

This will help ‘big construction’ at the expense of everything else that such a mammoth amount of wonga could have been spent on. Time was when all you lot could talk about was the ‘regeneration of Euston’, now it’s all about Old Oak Common. What happened? Euston plans hit the buffers, that’s what!

There will always be a few trainspotters and railway buffs that will cheer every word you utter on the subject of HS2. Many more people, will remember that many said this was a ‘fag packet’ idea, intended to cause the Tories a headache, when you realised Cameron was going to beat you in the 2010 election.

You got the part-time job, congratulations, but don’t think for a minute that “The HS2 Debate is over”.


After a long delay the City AM moderators decided that my comment was acceptable after all.