You cannot blame the electorate for spurning the Tories, they are losing the PR war faster than a pensioner trying to get lunch in a food bank.

Spending billions on something that they haven’t even persuaded other politicians there’s a need for, like High Speed Two, has even managed to lose votes in The Chilterns, something that even Ted Heath couldn’t manage.

This latest video will probably be ignored by Central Office, they don’t really seem to grasp the power of “The Interweb” yet! Nevertheless, black humour like this can be devastating and there is no coincidence that it has been released it so close to the general election.

For once it may not be the more traditional ‘middle aged and upwards’ voters that will decide on who forms our government, because of Social Media, the young are sitting up and taking an interest. Since these are a group traditionally ignored by political parties, the prospect of a sea change in British politics may loom larger than anyone has anticipated.

In the words of “Wolfie Smith”… “Power to the People”