goat2015 thought by some to be the Year of The Iron Horse and by others as The Year of The Wooden Spoon, is actually The Year of The Wooden Ram.

What will this mean to you? HS2 Buzz brings you some predictions for the next three months, created by gifted astrologist Buzz Tredimwitt 


Health issues

These will become very important this month, as the final Pluto-Uranus square on March 16th is felt throughout the country, with its epicenter in Bosworth Leicestershire. Capricorn’s should be especially vigilant.

Career Prospects

Misunderstandings can easily lead to job insecurity, so if you are in a position of influence, you need to be careful what you say and to whom.


Four year relationships are likely to suffer large setbacks in coming months, as indiscretions and duplicity continue to be discovered. People you once trusted are likely to try to buy your affections, but do not be misled they only have their own interests at heart.


Money Matters

This could be your last chance to build up a stash, as for many the goose is likely to stop laying those golden eggs soon.


Position and influence take a back seat this month, if you have any good ideas, now is the time to let others know what they are. You may be delighted by the consequences! However, if you have been trying to persuade others to part with money to fund a ‘hare brained’ scheme, now would be a good time to think again.


You will realise that a long-lasting affair was steeped in disloyalty or two-facedness. Be brave and end any relationship that has soured, you will see the wisdom of your decision in the months ahead.



As the outlook improves, the climate may become very unpredictable. If it gets too hot this month after the 7th, get on your bike!


Watch what you wear,  loud red’s, bland yellow’s and rich blues should be avoided if you want to be promoted. Don’t leave things to the last minute, better to spend an extra ten minutes waiting for an earlier train, than risk the next one not turning up at all.


New friends will quickly replace old worn out acquaintances this month.

Money Matters

Expect finances to improve as you find better ways of spending your money. It might be better to consider paying bills in the first week of the month rather than wait until later.

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