sold!It is the latest mis-selling scandal to float to the surface and the declaration has come from no less than the Prime Minister himself.

Following closely on the heels of mis-sold Card Payment Protection (CPP}, Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) and Endowment Mortgages, is the surprise admission that, “HS2 was wrongly sold to a sceptical public”, by the government and HS2 limited (Daily Telegraph: link).

Any day now I expect the phone to ring and a foreign voice, from some exotic far off place, will offer to act on my behalf, no compensation – no fee! Only this is different, for how can I receive compensation when nobody knows how much I am paying?

What about the loss of value of people’s homes and businesses from Birmingham to London? Will this mis-selling give them the compensation that is being undermined by the other announcement this week? Namely, that new HS2 boss Sir David Higgins, had been tasked with finding ways to cut its estimated £50 billion budget. No doubt to be achieved by reducing compensation payments (that will teach the buggers not to fight back!).

Late news is that the HS2 report overstated benefits by six to eight times and that the KPMG report was ‘essentially made up’. Trust accountants to know something about creativity! (Guardian: link)

What effect this will actually have on the building of HS2 is anyone’s guess, since nothing so far has diverted David Cameron’s intentions. It is as if the man himself is ‘on rails’ and as unstoppable as the High Speed train itself, barrelling his and it’s way through the Shires through every obstruction.

Well at least we now know that everything we were told was incorrectly sold, for we have it on the very best authority! Now we are being instructed to “have faith”, that we are in good hands and that HS2 is good for us.

I am mindful of the famous quote by Mark Twain:

“Faith is believing what you know ain’t so.”