wormsThe HS2 rail link can of worms was finally knocked over this week when it was revealed that there is a Cabinet revolt brewing.

Is Mr Cameron up to the job? Really?

Would you give him a job in anything but PR?

Be honest… would you even give him a job in PR?

Thought not! Not after the HS2 debacle anyway.

Let’s face it, the high speed rail project was a politically motivated basket case from the outset. All that North South nonsense was just Baron Adonis taking a pop at posh, London-centric Tories.

Not that there isn’t some merit in exposing the effects of the class system on British politics, but it is difficult to see that Socialist Adonis hasn’t actually joined the very institution he seemingly once despised.

These days its hard to find daylight between Cameron’s eagerness to spend taxpayer’s money and Adonis’s. The only difference is that Adonis doesn’t have much to lose, while Dave is looking increasingly isolated by both the public and his party colleagues.

A Prime Minister understandably wants to be remembered for something and let’s face it, there isn’t much to remember Mr Cameron for so far is there? HS2 was to be his “Open University”, his “Falklands War”, his “National Health Service”, a memorable moment in history. Unfortunately it is looking increasingly like a “selling the gold reserve”, “exit from the ERM”, “poll tax” fiasco.

We’ve said it before and really must say it until it is heard, “Come away Dave and stop shaking the corpse. You really won’t want to be remembered for it, so fill in the hole and find something better to do”.

Something that will benefit everyone