mountcameronToday it has been revealed that HS2 Limited are destined to take ‘fly-tipping’ to a whole new level, as plans to move tunnel spoil no more than a few miles were made public.

To date; the origin of the leak has not been identified, but it is widely thought to be the act of a keen skier and fell-runner, working for the company.

One suggestion for the secret location is to be just behind Chequers, the country home of British Prime Ministers, so that future residents and close friends can ‘ski for free’ during the winter months.

Chequer’s gardener and regular skateboarder, Wilf Allover, admitted that it was news to him and that even though, “mowing it once a month would be a bit of a chore”, he would welcome the new feature with open legs.

We asked Environment Minister Peter Owenson if any estimate had been made to date on the amount of waste that would be dumped.”If we add all the government bullshit to the pile we can probably rival Ben Nevis”, he effused excitedly. “We have decided to name it Mount Cameron so that, in years to come, he will be remembered for actually doing something while he was in office”.

In a rapid response to the leak, bean counters at KGMP have reckoned up that “this will add about 20 billion Euros to national tourism income.”

If you would like to suggest a location where HS2 can put their spoil, you can use the form below.

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Inspired by HS2 tunnel spoil to be dumped in Chilterns AONB – Bucks Free Press