newfinancialspectacleThe “threat to HS2 might endanger London as a global powerhouse” says Nick Legg in this morning’s right wing ‘New Financial Spectacle’ magazine.

According to the deputy prime spinster, a failure to build the high speed rail link, could mean the capital will lose the opportunity, to become the world’s largest exporter of electricity by the year 2025.

He went on to urge the ‘doubters’ that HS2 would help to correct the inequalities that have for so long blighted Britain and would bring food and running water to towns as far north as Scunthorpe.

“HS2 will help us catch up and compete with other countries” he declared, adding that “simply upgrading other stuff was not the answer that he wanted to give as it would only upset people” and that these were “very important people that needed more money than most ordinary people”.

In a passionate speech Mr Legg explained that HS2 was to be just the beginning of a whole new range of developments that would be rolled out over the next few decades. New towns were planned to be built from London to Birmingham across some of the most valuable farmland west of London.

A new city, expected to be called Maynard Keynes, would create much needed housing for London overspill and would incorporate the towns and villages of Amersham, Great Missenden, Wendover and Tring.

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