andrewmarrshowOn The Andrew Marr Show, our Chancellor George has delivered the latest buzz words and as usual HS2 Buzz is here to “share the love”…

“Big contingency” – “Supersize me George!” if it’s big it’s got to be beautiful, you must have one of these “Big Contingencies” if you’re going to have a “Big Society”.

Why? Because they’re very likely to make Big Cock-ups… that’s why!

HS2 is going to change the “Economic Geography” – we’ve no idea what that is either, maybe it’s a bit like being “economic with the truth” about “The Rutland Fells”, or maybe it’s something to do with the poor GCSE figures.

That’s it surely! Now we can combine economics with geography, French with English, Sport with Chemistry (actually I think a few sportsmen already did that).

Keep watching: buzz words are coming out thick and fast now. Report the most toe-curling, and you could win a seat – yeah a real seat – on a commuter train between 07:30 and 08:00.

George did end by adding that we were all in it together… now you cannot deny that there is something in that. We aren’t just in it, we are almost eyebrows-deep in it. If only we could by a “Big air-freshener!”