Baron “Jim” trying to look ordinary

In a week when we are told that there is to be a new way of determining class in the UK and that there would now be seven classes rather than the traditional Upper, Lower and Middle, the revelation that Lord James “5th Baron” Bethell has been describing HS2 protesters in the Chilterns, as a “bunch of NIMBY Toffs” and that he wanted to “shit them up”, was a welcome diversion from the more reasoned arguments put forward by supporters of the project.

With the slogan “Their lawns or your jobs” there certainly appeared to be plenty of horseshit being flung around by his lobbying firm Westbourne, since clearly the route has been carefully chosen to affect as few Toffs as possible.

Consider the “Tatton banana” as a prime example, a section of the route that defies the hitherto unmovable requirement that HS2 be as straight as humanly possible, as it manages to skirt around George Gideon Oliver Osborne’s rather better-heeled constituents. Saved a few lawns there eh Jim?

Saved a few jobs too did it Jim? Such as those of the gardeners, housekeepers, butlers and nannies that worked in them big houses that would have been knocked down.

Maybe using the ‘posh card’ wasn’t your most well thought out idea sunshine, especially as I like most of the Chiltern Toffs you referred to are actually living in rather ordinary houses, mine’s a three bed ex-council semi, not exactly Blenheim is it?

That’s the problem with the whole HS2 project, the “guys” and “gals” driving it forward are the real ‘toffs’, they are not ordinary punters like you and me, that’s why spending a few billion of our taxes isn’t like spending real money. If they had to dig up a few of their lawns be sure there would have to be a damned sight better compensation package than the one they threw to us.

They like Baron Bethell are far more likely to be Old Harrovians or Etonians, or educated at Cheltenham College, before going on to university at Edinburgh, Oxford or Cambridge. The problem for them is that the ‘old boys network’ has been going strong for so long now, they believe they are better than us and that their education gives them carte blanche to make all our decisions for us. ‘Consultation periods’, who the hell do we think we are? Give the blighters the vote and they expect democracy!

Tell you what Baron, while I am on the subject, don’t call me ‘Posh’ either, I don’t deserve abuse like that, just because I live in the way of your blasted train-set.  I have had to work hard for everything I have, however little that may seem to a hereditary baron like you!

Guardian article – High-speed rail opponents ‘portrayed as posh nimbys’ by peer’s lobbying firm