HS2 hurtles through the Chilterns

The recent more traditional winters have brought snow to the South of England, which has proven to be too much for the High Speed rail system in Kent.

Forget all the glitzy images of HS2 speeding through the Chiltern Hills, the high speed reality is far more likely to be like the image on the right.

Not that it will make much difference to the arguments in favour of HS2, since practical issues such as “where’s the money coming from?”, “who is going to get on the damned thing?”, “how will it ever pay for itself?” and “why is so much of it going to be sooo slow?”, don’t really seem to matter much.

When it snows in Buckinghamshire, it does look very pretty, so it’s not all bad news. While you’re whipping through the countryside at, er… 20 miles per hour… behind a snowplough, you will have plenty of time to take in the view.

Incidentally the following video shows the resounding success of HS1 Video BBC