Justice turns back

The Law the High and the Mighty

A great victory has been declared by our political masters today, despite Lord Justice Ouseley having declared that the government’s proposed High Speed Two “Compensation Scheme for Blighted Properties”, was ”so unfair as to be unlawful”.

Of the other Judicial Reviews there was no rejoicing in the streets to be had, as each was thrown out, no doubt to the great delight of government, who then announced that they would be seeking to reclaim their costs from plaintiffs. No doubt they believe that’ll teach them not to trifle with the rich and powerful.

“One cheer for the judge anyone?”, goodness it’s quiet, you could hear a coin drop, well you could if anyone had one to drop.

Frankly, this changes very little here on HS2 Buzz, there were no surprises, it is a case of “nothing to see here… move along”. Like holding a lottery ticket, it is nice to dream that something wonderful might have happened, but the balance of probabilities suggests that you shouldn’t have bet your house on it. The numbers have been drawn and as anticipated the share out didn’t begin to cover the amount bet.

For those whose houses have been gambled on “healing the great North South divide” the “HS2 dream”, at least they may get a little better compensation after the single “token” victory offered today.