The naked truth of HS2 so far

In view of escalating costs, a new think tank called “The Efficiency Challenge” group has been formed to reduce the cost of delivering the HS2 “engine for growth”. Only a Quango could think of a name like that, it sounds like a fun-run for nudists.

A recent Independent on Sunday  investigation has apparently uncovered evidence that the project has been plagued by inadequate IT systems, rising construction costs and unforeseen design flaws.

“Teething problems” with the IT system may have come as a surprise to HS2 chief executive, Alison Munro, but they have not been so to many people. The company providing the services are apparently the same Fujitsu that “cocked up” the NHS contract years ago.

Today the outcome of the Judicial Reviews is to be made known, I doubt there will be a resounding three cheers around the Chiltern hills when the announcement is finally released. It would be nice to hear a single cheer, though previous government sponsored court cases don’t bode well.

On a happier note, a certain Lucy James video has appeared on YouTube, with the film Downfall having been given a bit of anti-HS2 treatment, you will find it with the following link. Downfall of HS2