If not, then get yourself in there.. become transformed!!!

Oil Painting by James DownieYour miserable northern staff can dream that they are only one hour from utopian Camden – once they get to a station.

Don’t make them wait to come up on the lottery to live like a Southerner, remember the three “Eees”, Education, Emancipation and Euston Station!

We at the Transformational Transport Company will be holding special transformational classes, beginning in 2019, when you will be able to learn how to talk southern. Don’t think being transformed will turn you into a rich Londoner just like that. Oh no, you will need a qualification in finance, or poshness.

To get the most out of being transformed, we will take people who make things and turn them into entirely useless people who shuffle a lot of paper– yes, only then can you really compete. This is what is known as transformational development.

“Don’t be transportational be transformational… if you can say it, you can do it.”

And if you can’t say it properly, we have classes for that too!